City Surveyors perform boundary, topographic and design level surveys to support public projects and right of way acquisition. Depending on the scope of work, may also provide construction staking services.

Adelaide is on the cusp of a multi-billion transformation by 2050 that will have a profound impact on the way we live, work and play. The city is on the cutting edge of innovation and a new generation of high tech enterprises are driving the future of our city.

Building the Future of Adelaide The Expertise of City Surveyors

Asset Management

Asset management is the systematic process of maintaining, upgrading, and operating physical assets cost-effectively. It’s a critical business strategy that unlocks efficiency and accountability.

Often overlooked, asset management can contribute to the growth of an organization and improve financial sustainability. It’s also a key part of managing risk and reducing the costs of maintaining or disposing of your company’s assets.

As an asset manager, you work with a wide variety of property types and investment opportunities. Some managers specialize in specific regions or markets, and others are experts at the fundamentals of real estate analysis.

As an asset manager, you may be involved with property acquisitions, drafting property agreements and leases, and marketing commercial properties. The primary goals of asset management are to maximize revenue and minimize expenses in order to maintain stable net operating income.

Building Surveying

As a Building Surveyor, you assess and advise on the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. Ensure they meet legislative requirements for safety, sustainability and preservation.

You work with clients, construction crews and local planning authorities to ensure buildings are structurally sound, energy efficient, accessible, and able to be occupied safely. You conduct onsite inspections during the construction process and advise on building defects.

A good surveyor will carefully examine every element of a building, recording its dimensions and condition. This ensures they have a complete understanding of the building and its components before advising on any changes or repairs.


Planning is a process that requires defining goals, objectives and devising a strategy to achieve them. It also includes ensuring that resources are allocated for success.

Surveyors in Adelaide are experts in mapping and collecting data that can help to build a smart city. They are able to use data collection software such as building information modeling (BIM) to synchronize a digital database of existing infrastructure, improvements and future expansion plans.

Moreover, City Surveyors are skilled at identifying and pinpointing underground utilities and structures to reduce risk for property owners. They can provide a digital Utility Atlas, which provides a comprehensive map of all underground utilities and structures.

Planning can be a very complex process and requires participation from all relevant stakeholders. This ensures that everyone understands and is committed to achieving the plan.


Inspections are a great way to ensure that the property you’re buying is safe, secure and in good condition. A professional home inspector will go through all of the major systems in a house and make note of any issues that could cause problems down the road.

A standard inspection includes checking the heating system, central air conditioning, plumbing, electrical system, roof, attic and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors. Some inspectors will also look for termite damage, mold and asbestos.

Surveying is a very complex process and requires a lot of expertise. A surveyor needs to invest in a variety of different instruments that will help them carry out the work properly. These include ranging rods, pegs and optical squares.