The Importance of Hiring Wollongong Surveyors for Your Construction Project

If you’re planning to undertake a construction project, it’s important to hire surveyors in Wollongong before you start. They can help you avoid costly pitfalls and get the job done right.

Land surveyors are experts in determining the boundary lines and above-ground utilities on a property. This helps ensure that you don’t build anything outside of your property boundaries.

Road Design

Road design is a crucial aspect of any construction project, and it requires the skills of a Wollongong surveyor. They are responsible for ensuring that the roadway is constructed in a manner that meets all legal requirements and safety standards, while also optimizing the costs of the construction project.

A good road design includes elements such as the number and width of lanes, alignment, cross slopes, designed cross sections, excavation and embankment volumes, drainage structures, turnouts, and surfacing requirements. The design also considers the equipment anticipated for use during construction and how this will affect material movement distances and balance points.

Road geometry also impacts the sight distance available to a vehicle driver, and the road engineer works to ensure that the line of sight is clear before a hill crest or object blocks it. This is important for the safety of motorists and other road users.

Boundary Lines

When you are building a new home, it is essential to have the property boundaries surveyed before you start work. This will help you prevent encroachment on your neighbor’s land.

Similarly, for construction projects that are in strict city zoning, it is important to have a survey conducted to ensure that all land boundaries are clearly defined before the project begins. A quality Wollongong surveyor will be able to carry out these services for your benefit, saving you time and money.

Many neighbors resolve their boundary questions by simply agreeing on a line that makes sense to both of them. When this agreement is made and certain conditions are met, it becomes the permanent legal boundary between the two properties. It is binding not only on those neighbors, but on later buyers as well.

Visible Utilities

If you’re planning a construction project in Wollongong, hiring a reliable team of surveyors can help ensure your construction project runs smoothly. They can also save you time and money by preventing any unnecessary expenses.

Quality Level C, the most commonly used quality level, is based on surveying visible above-ground utility facilities and correlating them to existing utility records (QL-D information). This method is often the most effective for rural projects because most underground utilities are either omitted or incorrectly plotted.

Quality Level A, which GPRS provides with every utility locating job, involves physically locating the actual utility – often by “potholing” it or daylighting it – and subsequently locating it horizontally and vertically by survey measurements. This data can be utilized on any job and is especially helpful for verifying concrete encased duct banks.


An easement is a right of access held by someone else to use a certain piece of land. It is used to run services like power, water and telecommunications or put in roads.

A common example of an easement is a drainage easement, where drainage pipes will pass through multiple properties to enable water and sewerage to be drained. This helps to benefit the whole neighbourhood and can be useful for building development.

Another type of easement is an Easement of Way, also known as a carriageway, whereby one owner grants access to another for a defined strip of land. This can appear as an encumbrance to the property owner that the easement passes through but is a benefit to the person who owns the plot to which it provides access.

A surveyor can help you identify easements on your property. They can help you determine whether or not they are legal and how they will impact your construction project.