Navigating the City Surveyors Complex Property Market

Whether you’re planning a new house or a major renovation, navigating the Gold Coast’s complex property market requires accurate surveying. This is an essential step in protecting property owners’ rights, and avoiding costly disputes.

City surveying is the process of determining boundaries, locating sanitary and water pipes and identifying electrical lines. It involves using ranging rods, pegs, optical squares, and arrows.

What to Look for in a Professional City Surveyor in Gold Coast

Accurate Land Surveys

Accurate land surveys are an essential part of any property development project. They ensure that a property is built within its legal limits and prevent costly disputes down the line.

During an accurate land survey, a land surveyor uses an array of digital measuring equipment to map the location of points on the ground. These points include corner marks, a road frontage, an adjoining property and so on.

Once the measurements are collected, they are processed and compared to existing data. This can involve research and checks on past records (original surveys, recent subdivisions, or adjoining property surveys) to confirm that all of the original survey measurement data is correct and accurate.

This information is then digitally plotted on a digital map to provide the client with the most accurate evidence available to determine property boundaries. This process also involves converting old units of measurement (such as chains, rods, links and Spanish varas) into modern equivalents such as feet and US survey feet.

Boundary Realignment

Boundary realignment is an important consideration when it comes to navigating the Gold Coast’s complex property market. It is a process that can lead to a number of issues and requires expert surveying advice.

The first thing to note is that any adjustment to a suburban boundary needs to be approved by the Office of the Surveyor General and this can take up to six months or longer.

It is also a good idea to seek independent legal advice when attempting to resolve any such issues. Under Clause 2.75 of the Codes SEPP, a ‘boundary realignment’ must not increase the area of any lot by more than 10% in a residential zone.

This means that any change to a suburb boundary can be costly to undertake and may be problematic for some residents. As such, Council has undertaken preliminary consultation and will continue to seek community input on the issue. In the event that a majority of the ratepayers support the option to realign boundaries, Council will proceed with the proposal.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are a critical component of any property development project. They reveal all natural and man-made features on a site, including hills, rivers, trees, fences, buildings and other improvements.

While these surveys are often required by local government bodies, they can be used by engineers and architects for a myriad of practical applications. They also help to reduce the chance of terrain-related errors during construction.

A topographic survey map depicts the location, size and height of all land features and any gradual changes or contours in elevation. It also shows where roads, utilities and other infrastructure are located.

Historically, these maps were drawn manually and plotted on physical mediums such as paper. However, these days, they are often provided in digital form as a CAD drawing.

Cadastral Surveys

Cadastral surveys are a critical part of Land Surveyor in Gold Coast. They determine the physical location of property boundaries for legal purposes and before property taxes.

They also provide important information about how a piece of land is divided between different owners and parties. They can also be used to establish ownership of subsoil, water rights, and other features that are associated with a property.

The government entrusts licensed cadastral surveyors to maintain and protect the integrity of the cadastre. This helps people to have confidence in their lands and properties.

In addition, cadastral surveys help governments and land information agencies manage their cadastre data. This involves using GIS technology and cadastral survey software solutions.

The Gold Coast has experienced significant growth in property prices in the past year, driven by strong demand and tight supply. However, rising construction costs and tighter lending conditions could limit the region’s future growth. Despite these challenges, the region’s strong population growth and booming economy will likely continue to drive demand.